Email Notice for WP Document Revisions


This plugin is an add-on to WP Document Revisions. This supports sending out e-mail notifications about newly published documents to users who are interested to receive notifications either automatically (on publish) or manually.

By default when you send any notification from your blog (including many of the plugins as well) sender is “WordPress” and the sender e-mail address is

This plugin will enable you to

  • Let your WordPress users (automatically/manually) receive email notifications of updates to your published documents

  • Create lists of email users that can be sent email notifications of updates to your published documents

  • Easily customize notification e-mail subject and content templates

  • Re-send e-mail notifications manually as well

  • When a notification is resent to a user, then you can include information that it is a resend and when previously sent

  • Maintain e-mail log about sent e-mail notifications.

  • Replace default to any e-mail address

  • Replace default e-mail from “WordPress” name to anything you want

  • Administration forms contain pulldown Help information.

For your WordPress users:

  • Send notifications about password protected posts as well to those that can read it (password will NOT be included in notification e-mail)

  • Users can opt-out if they don’t want to receive e-mails (they can choose to get all/nothing)

  • Bulk subscribe/unsubscribe users to/from e-mail notifications (go to Users->All Users and see bulk actions)

For your External users:

  • The lists will contain the terms which, when matched to the document, will then send the notification to all users in the list

  • Matching rule can be set to either match one term or all terms on the list.

Initial release based on plugin “WP JV Custom Email Settings” by Janos Ver.


  1. Download email-notice-wp-document-revisions
  2. Extract to /wp-content/plugins/email-notice-wp-document-revisions directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

If the plugin WP Document Revisions is not activated, this plugin will output an error message and none of its functionality will be available.


How does the plugin work?

When enabled a metabox will be added to the Document Admin screen. This can contain two buttons to send emails. One will be for internal users (although you can filter this capability out) and the other for Document Lists. The Document List define a set of email names and addresses that will be sent the notifications; together with a list of Taxonomy matching rules.

There is information in the Document and Document List Help pulldowns found on the top right hand corner of their Admin screens.

Go to Settings -> General -> “Document Email Settings” section.

Where can I define new “Email From” name and from “Email Address”?

Go to Settings -> General -> “Document Email Settings” section.

How does this work? What is the difference between Auto/Manual notification mode?

In Settings -> Writing -> “Document Email Settings – Notifications” section you can select to send notifications automatically or manually. If it is set to Auto whenever you publish a document notification e-mails will be sent out automatically for users with access to the document and opted to receive such notifications. In case of Manual you will be provided a “Send/Re-send notification email(s)” button to notify your readers.

I’m not getting any notification e-mails, what is wrong?

In order to receive notification e-mails users have to go to their profile and check “Notify me by e-mail when a new post is published” checkbox in “Document Email Settings” section (or an admin has to do it for them).

I would like the document attached to the e-mail (WordPress user)

Even though the user should have access to the document via the front-end, as well, the user can choose to have the document attached to the e-mail (subject to size limitations) by checking “Also send me the document as an attachment by e-mail when a new document is published” checkbox in “Document Email Settings” section (or an admin has to do it for them).

What kind of tags I can use and for what?

You can customize notification e-mail template (both subject and content) In the content you can use any standard html tags as well on top of the following ones:

Details are given in the tags documentation.

Where are the logs?

Logs of notifications are available at Document Emails -> Internal User Email Log (for WordPress users) or Document Emails -> External User Email Log, where you can view which users were notified about which post and if e-mail sending was successful or not (please note that bounce messages are not processed).

I’ve multisite. Does this plugin works for me as well?

Yes, it does, but in that case each site will have its own log in Document Emails.

Are there filters to configure plugin operations

Yes, there are a number of these.

These are listed and described at


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Contributors & Developers

“Email Notice for WP Document Revisions” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Release date: September 14, 2023

  • NEW: Support External User Lists (of emails)
  • FIX: Ensure Uninstall works


Release date: June 6, 2023

  • Initial release based on recast of Janos Ver’s plugin “WP JV Custom Email Settings”