Kata Plus – Addons for Elementor – Widgets, Extensions and Templates


Kata Plus is a very useful plugin that makes Elementor even better. It gives you lots of cool widgets and add-ons to make designing your websites easier. It has a tool to change the look of your website without needing to know how to write code, and it comes with many pre-made templates and blocks to speed up your projects. It also helps with making different parts of your website, like the header and footer, and has many widgets to use for free. This makes it easier for users to create the designs they want.

Additionally, Kata Plus boasts a substantial collection of free and pro widgets, along with problem-solving features, ensuring that you have the flexibility and tools necessary to bring their design visions to life.

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✨ Styler

Kata Plus plugin has an exclusive visual CSS editor feature called Styler which enables you to modify the finest page elements visually without the need to write custom CSS codes. This tool allows you to change your page design in real-time using a simple and straightforward user interface and provides you with maximum customization possibilities.


Control Panel

  • More Than 2500 Free Icons (Themify, Eicons, fontawesome, Linea, Material, Simple Line)
  • Dark Mode
  • One Click Demo Importer
  • 20+ Pre-designed Template
  • Shortcuts for add new page, post, template
  • System Status
  • Finder Tool ( Shortcuts )


  • Header Builder
  • Footer Builder
  • Blog Builder


  • Styler Basic

Elementor Widgets

  • Text
  • Testimonials
  • Testimonial
  • Title
  • Image
  • Button
  • Icon Box
  • Spacer
  • Icon
  • Video Player
  • List
  • Accordion
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Banner
  • Counter
  • Shape
  • Logo
  • Advanced Menu
  • Search
  • Social Share
  • Author Box
  • Blog Posts
  • Post Title
  • Post Featured Image
  • Post Metadata
  • Post Content
  • Post Comment section

Customizer Options

  • Container
  • Fluid Container
  • Desktop Container Size
  • Labtop Container Size
  • Tabletlandscape Container Size
  • Tablet Container Size
  • Mobile Container Size
  • Small Mobile Container Size
  • Header
  • Header Builder
  • Menu widget
  • Logo widget
  • Search widget
  • Page Options
  • Page title
  • Blog title
  • Archive title
  • Search title
  • Sidebar
  • Footer
  • Footer Builder
  • Add Google Fonts Option
  • Styling Options
  • Basic Typography
  • Headings Typography
  • Nav Menu Typography
  • Styling Options

Page Options

  • Header Options
  • Show/Hide Header
  • Make Transparent Header
  • Transparent Header (Dark Mode)
  • Page Options
  • Show/Hide Page Title
  • Custom Page Title
  • Page Title Styler
  • Sidebar Options
  • none sidebar
  • left sidebar
  • right sidebar
  • both sidebar
  • Footer Options
  • Show/Hide Footer
  • Page Stylers Options
  • Body Styler
  • Content Styler

✨ Pro Features

  • Control Panel
  • All free features and below
  • Access to all free, pro and fast demos
  • Fonts manager
  • Plugin manager
  • Fast mode
  • Auto update

  • Builders

  • All free features and below
  • Sticky header builder
  • 404 builder
  • Mega menu builder
  • Portfolio single builder
  • Single post builder
  • Archive builder
  • Author builder
  • Search builder
  • Single course builder

  • Elementor

  • All free features and below
  • Advanced Styler (Possibility to style elements normal, hover, parent hover, before, after)
  • Added new Responsive size for (Laptop, Tablet Landscape, Small mobile)
  • Full site editor
  • Custom CSS for all elementor widgets
  • Presets for elementor widgets
  • Template manager ( more 500+ pre build sections )
  • One page slider (under page options)
  • Advanced Icon Manager ( Possibility to add your own custom icon sets )

  • Elementor Widgets

  • All free widgets and below
  • Archive Posts
  • Author Page
  • Categories List
  • Next & Previous Post
  • Related Posts
  • Search Page
  • Social Share
  • Cart
  • Date
  • Language Switcher
  • Login
  • Hamburger Menu
  • Reservation
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Portfolio Carousel
  • Comparison Slider
  • Content Slider
  • Content Toggle
  • Countdown
  • Divider
  • Domain Checker
  • Employee Information
  • Food Menu
  • Food Menu Toggle
  • Gift Cards
  • Google Map
  • Image Carousel
  • Image Hover Zoom
  • Instagram
  • Portfolio Masonry
  • Pricing Plan
  • Pricing Table
  • Progress Bar
  • Recipes
  • SEO Analytic
  • Socials
  • Subscribe
  • Table
  • Tabs
  • Task Process
  • Team
  • Testimonials Vertical
  • Timeline
  • Toggle Sidebox

  • Customizer

  • All free features and below
  • Api Options (Google map and Instagram)
  • Custom Code ( space before head and body )
  • Maintenance Mode options
  • Performance options
  • Preloader options
  • Site scroll bar options
  • White label options


  • Kata Plus - Special Elementor Widgets
  • Kata Plus - Styler
  • Kata Plus - Header Builder
  • Kata Plus - Footer Builder
  • Kata Plus - Blog Builder
  • Kata Plus - Single Builder
  • Kata Plus - Fast-Mode Wizard
  • Kata Plus - Easy-to-use Demo Importer
  • Kata Plus - Portfolio & Gallery Builder
  • Kata Plus - Section Template
  • Kata Plus - Font Manager
  • Kata Plus - Better Responsive Controls
  • Kata Plus - Icon Manager
  • Kata Plus - Dark Mode UI


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Contributors & Developers

“Kata Plus – Addons for Elementor – Widgets, Extensions and Templates” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.3.5 – 13 April, 2024

β€’ Added: enable/disable Option for Device scaleable
β€’ Compatibility: Elementor 3.20.0
β€’ Compatibility: Styler & Font Manager
β€’ Improvement: Demo Importer
β€’ Improvement: Font manager
β€’ Updated: One-click demo import
β€’ Updated: Styler
β€’ Fixed: Next & Previous Post
β€’ Fixed: License activation
β€’ Fixed: Auto-update
β€’ Fixed: PHP notice in testimonials
β€’ Fixed: Styling issue in importer
β€’ Fixed: Some minor issues

1.3.4 – 10 Mar, 2024

β€’ Updated: Advanced custom fields pro plugin (pro)
β€’ Updated: Essential grid plugin (pro)
β€’ Updated: Filebird media folders plugin (pro)
β€’ Updated: Quform plugin (pro)
β€’ Updated: Slider LayerSlider plugin (pro)
β€’ Updated: Slider revolution plugin (pro)
β€’ Updated: Slider revolution plugin (pro)
β€’ Updated: Styler
β€’ Fixed: Styler Selector For All Headings
β€’ Fixed: Import Options
β€’ Fixed: Video Player popup
β€’ Fixed: PHP notice in importer
β€’ Fixed: PHP notice in auto update (pro)
β€’ Fixed: Some minor issues

1.3.3 – 10 Mar, 2024

β€’ Added: Shop Demo
β€’ Added: Clothing Demo
β€’ Added: Styling Option for WooCommerce
β€’ Added: ShopPress Pro to bundled plugins
β€’ Compatibility: ShopPress Plugin
β€’ Improvement: Demo Importer
β€’ Updated: Kirki Framework
β€’ Fixed: PageSpeed Insights accessibility errors
β€’ Fixed: White label options
β€’ Fixed: Hamburger Menu close icon
β€’ Fixed: Icon Manager custom icon
β€’ Fixed: Fatal Error in banner Elementor widget
β€’ Fixed: Styler Item in Image Carousel Widget
β€’ Fixed: Overlay Option in Instagram Widget
β€’ Fixed: Download Image in Template Manager
β€’ Fixed: Fallback Font Family
β€’ Fixed: Some minor CSS issue

1.3.2 – 24 Feb, 2024

β€’ Add: Alternative API for Kata Importer
β€’ Update: Styler
β€’ Improvement: Hamburger Menu
β€’ Remove: Kata Compatiblity PHP functions with elementor breakpoints
β€’ Fix: Confusion of elements in hamburger menu and mega menu
β€’ Fix: Some minur css issues in Fonts manager
β€’ Fix: Kata Social elementor doesn’t show in widgets list

1.3.1 – 14 Feb, 2024

β€’ Add: kata base color, secondary color, tertiary color to styler swatches
β€’ Fix: Error message style when importer are not able to get data
β€’ Fix: Container Size
β€’ Fix: admin notice styling issue
β€’ Fix: Protfolio widget doesn’t show in widgets list
β€’ Fix: Minor styling issues in admin
β€’ Fix: styler selector in icon box, tabs and text widget

1.3.0 – 6 Feb, 2024

β€’ Add: Content Template for text widget
β€’ Add: Content Template for title widget
β€’ Add: Content Template for image widget
β€’ Add: Content Template for button widget
β€’ Add: Content Template for spacer widget
β€’ Add: Retina support for icon box & image widget
β€’ Add: New shop template
β€’ Add: Convertor page to migrate from the old version
β€’ Add: Fast mode to the free version
β€’ Add: Fast templates to the free version
β€’ Update: Kata default builder template
β€’ Update: Styler to 1.3.0
β€’ Update: Demo data
β€’ Update: Template manager
β€’ Update: Advanced custom fields pro plugin (pro)
β€’ Update: Essential grid plugin (pro)
β€’ Update: Filebird media folders plugin (pro)
β€’ Update: Quform plugin (pro)
β€’ Update: Slider LayerSlider plugin (pro)
β€’ Update: Slider revolution plugin (pro)
β€’ Update: Kata plus pro (pro)
β€’ Update: Customizer framework
β€’ Compatibility: Elementor 3.19.0
β€’ Compatibility: ShopPress
β€’ Improvement: Load Elementor Widgets
β€’ Improvement: Hamburger Menu
β€’ Improvement: Load assets
β€’ Improvement: Performance options
β€’ Improvement: Demo Importer
β€’ Improvement: Kata Builders
β€’ Improvement: Theme Dashboard
β€’ Fixed: Font Manager (PRO)
β€’ Fixed: Minor issues in kata demos
β€’ Fixed: Kata tabs widget when used in the mega menu
β€’ Fixed: Dark Mode Style Backend
β€’ Fixed: Dark Mode Script Frontend
β€’ Fixed: Full Page Slider
β€’ Fixed: Video Player when using local video
β€’ Fixed: Portfolio HTML unclosed tag
β€’ Fixed: Some minor issues