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Transform long articles or blog posts into short, reader-friendly versions using this innovative plugin by TopTech News.


  • Account Creation: Register on our website to obtain your unique API Access Token.
  • Subscription Plans: Choose a suitable plan for your needs.
  • Easy Integration: Enter your API Access Token in WordPress.
  • Versatile Usage:
    • Create summaries via the dashboard.
    • Auto-generate summaries for blog posts.
  • History & Token Management: Monitor usage and revisit past summaries.

3rd Party Service Documentation

This plugin integrates with TextSummarizer.io to provide advanced text summarization services. By utilizing this external service, the plugin sends text content to TextSummarizer.io’s API and retrieves summarized text in response.

  1. Service Name: TextSummarizer.io
  2. Service Description: TextSummarizer.io leverages sophisticated AI algorithms to generate concise and relevant summaries of text content, enhancing readability and information absorption.
  3. Terms of Service: https://textsummarizer.io/terms-of-service
  4. Privacy Policy: https://textsummarizer.io/privacy-policy
  5. Cancellation and Refund Policy: https://textsummarizer.io/cancellation-and-refund-policy

Data Handling and User Privacy:

Data Sent to TextSummarizer.io: The plugin works in two ways:
1. User inputs text content intended for summarization into TextSummarizer.io using the Text Summarizer menu within the wordpress dashboard.
2. user clicks on the Generate Summary widget in sidebar within a posts page to allow the plugin to fetch that specific article or content for summarization

The plugin will never take any personal or sensitive user data on its own.

Data Security: All communications with TextSummarizer.io are conducted over secure, encrypted connections to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data.
Functionality Impact:

The plugin’s summarization feature is dependent on the availability of TextSummarizer.io’s service. In the unlikely event of service downtime, summarization functionality may be temporarily unavailable.
Users can continue to use other aspects of the plugin without interruption, and summarization services will resume automatically once TextSummarizer.io is accessible again.
For further information about TextSummarizer.io and its services, please refer to the provided links to their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


This is a paid service. Subscribing gives you tokens to generate summaries. Text Summarizer


For queries, contact us at support@textsummarizer.io.


GPLv3 or later. Full license details at https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html.


  • The WordPress backend menu displaying the Text Summarizer options after successful plugin installation and activation.

  • The API Token menu in the WordPress backend where users can enter the Access Key obtained after registering and logging into the admin panel.

  • Text Summarization Main Page:- The Text Summarizer Plugin’s main page provides a clear interface for users. At the top, users can see their plan details and remaining tokens. The core features include:

  • Summary History Page :- A user dashboard displaying the 10 most recent text summaries alongside the tokens used for each request.

  • Summary Generation in Edit Post :- Direct post summarization option in the WordPress post edit section by accessing the easy to use text summarizer widget in the sidebar.

  • One click Summary Integration in Post :- Generate and seamlessly integrate content summaries into WordPress posts with a single click, placing the summary at the top.


  1. Download & Install the plugin ZIP from wordpress.org.
  2. After registering and purchasing a plan, locate your API Access Token from our dashboard. Input this into the plugin’s settings in WordPress.
  3. For direct summaries, navigate to the Text Summarizer menu. Here, view plan details, token usage, and generate summaries.
  4. For blog posts easily generate a summary in 1-click by using the Summarize Content widget in the sidebar.


How do I start using the Text Summarizer Plugin?

First, you need to register on our plugin’s website at Text Summarizer. After registration, log in to your account and generate an API Access Key. You can then download and install the plugin into your WordPress backend and add the API key to start summarizing content.

How does the token usage work for the plugin?

The Text Summarizer Plugin operates based on token usage. When you register for the plugin and select a plan, tokens are assigned to your account. These tokens are consumed each time you generate a summary. Please note that tokens are replenished on a monthly basis through a recurring payment corresponding to your selected plan.

What happens if I run out of tokens?

If you run out of tokens, the plugin won’t be able to generate new summaries until your token balance is replenished. You can either wait for the monthly token refill based on your plan or purchase additional tokens at any time to continue using the plugin.

How can I use the summaries generated by the plugin?

Once a summary is generated, you can simply copy it and use it wherever you need! The aim is to provide you with a concise overview of a larger piece of content, which you can use for quick reference, content creation, or any other purpose you see fit.

What if I encounter problems with the plugin?

We’re here to help! If you encounter any issues with the Text Summarizer Plugin, you can reach out to our dedicated support team. We’re committed to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for all our users.


chulio 22, 2024
This tool helps you to summarise your content just in a single click. It’s very easy to install. Read your article thoroughly and create a great summary.
chulio 8, 2024
Was stuck in how i summarize my content, then i found this text summarize AI tool. This is really helpful and help to summarize my content in all aspects. Highly recommended
chulio 2, 2024
I am looking to summarize my long content then i have found text summarizer wordpress tool which easily summarize my content
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