WP Meta and Date Remover


Remove Meta,Author and Date in click. Install. Activate. And Done!

How to remove Author Meta and Date from posts and pages?

  1. Install WP Meta and Date remover.
  2. Activate Plugin.
  3. Choose whether to hide from Backend(Page Source) or Frontend or Both
  4. Save settings
  5. And you done!

Two way removal

This plugin uses two methods to erase your meta

Removal using CSS file
Plugin register custom CSS which hides any information contained by meda data class.
CSS file provided with this plugin works great. You also can edit that n file in plugin editor.
For more support Buy premium support

Removal using php
Plugin filters results of functions like get_date(),get_time() etc.
In some cases CSS file doesn’t work, thats why there is removal using php code.
Plugin removes Meta data from source code. Which means even search engines can’t see it.

Visual Remover
This is part of Pro plugin. This lets you remove/hide content from your WordPress pages with
simple visual editor Hassle free Meta and Date removal in minutes

Custom removal using little coding [Deprecated]
Plugin provide custom snippet of code that can be managed from settings.
You can wrap any code in theme html arround custom function provided by plugin.
You can control behavior of that function from plugin settings

Pro plugin features
Custom Post Types
Exclude categories
Individual post control
Remove date from only older posts best for SEO
YoastSEO schema remove datePublished dateModified

Upcoming features
We are planning to add way to create meta data for any type of post.
Mail us for any special feature request

Contact me

Reach me here


  • Two way removal
  • Choose what to remove
  • After activation
  • Before activation


Use built in automatic installer or,

  1. Copy the plugin folder into /wp-content/plugins
  2. Activate plugin via the plugins page in the WordPress admin
  3. Go to Settings to configure.


  1. Meta data is still present even after activation.
    Find meta data css class in your theme css and edit css code in settings. You can even main me on prasadkirpekar@outlook.com
  2. Search engine showing Meta data even after plugin activation.
    Search engines doesn’t react to changes instantaly. Search engines will take some time. Resubmit your sitemap in webmaster tools.


aviento 1, 2023
WP Meta and Date Remover provides a simple yet super useful functionality to our site where dependent on different categories, we'd love to show or not show the date. With the few clicks by the end user the job is done! Plus, Prasad is not only a fantastic web engineer, he also puts Customer - First and we experienced it first hand. Outstanding work!
abril 18, 2023 4 replies
Well done, you've managed to completely ruin what was once a plugin that actually worked to one the does absolutely nothing at all, except slow my site down a bit. Why you developers constantly feel the need to f@*k around with things I'll never know. Remember the old saying? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
chinero 24, 2023
I'm Using Avada Theme. And This Plugin Didn't Work in My Case. Please Note: I'm NOT Saying, This Plugin is Not Useful as Many People Have Given It a Five Star Rating. The Point is, On Avada Theme, This Plugin Just Didn't Work.
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Contributors & Developers

“WP Meta and Date Remover” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Bug fix in visual remover
Improved security
Visual Remover added
Plugin redesign
CSS changes
Library update
Library fix
Added dashboard css to hide date in yoast snippet
Added custom function for removing any kind of data from theme.
You can now choose to hide date or author or both
Remove date from YoastSEO schema – Premium version
Affiliate program

Target post according to their publish date
Premium features
CSS issue fixed
Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes
You can choose to not use individual post option.
* Improved User Interface
* You can now choose to show Date and Meta on indivisual posts.
* Added option to choose whether to hide from home page or not.
* Minor Improvments
* Minor Improvments.

  • Improved both CSS and PHP removal
  • Added admin menu page for manual configuration.


  • Improved previous css code.
  • Added new php based method to filter meta information.


  • Initial release with css based meta removal.